The operation

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Shogun Studios has moved to Melbourne permanently, as of 2016.
Established in Perth, Western Australia in 2005, the geography did not suit the future of its operation. Owner/engineer Trevor Cotton chose Victoria for its richer soil and higher rainfall, as part of a plan to grow food and feed the artists that visit his studio. Previously a chef, baker, barman, barista and waiter, Trevor has managed many fine venues in Perth. This has run parallel to a lengthy career in music and production. So what better way to live than combine the two?
With a build at its eastern fringe slated for completion by 2020, Melbourne can expect a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience – a rock’n’roll B&B of sorts.
The premises will house a large main room (5.8m x 9.5m x 12m internally), suitable for music or film. Each of the three smaller isolated rooms (2.6m x 4.7m x 5.9m) will be interchangeable as control room or recording booth, offering the convenience of 24 hour recording and mixing.
Private bedrooms for 8 individuals will be provided, split into two wings, along with dedicated bathrooms. Homegrown seasonal produce, rainwater, renewable energy and high-speed internet mean that Shogun Studios will be off the grid when it wants, and on the grid when it should.
Here are some preliminary designs for the building: